Cultural Association ''invivo''


The “INVIVO” cultural association is an association that spreads the culture of innovation, digital craft design and project culture, in order to broaden horizons and increase people’s knowledge and skills in the field of innovation, design advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0.

Founded in 2012 by a group of Designers, Makers and Architects with the aim of promoting and spreading the culture of innovation, design, digital craftsmanship, and project culture, acting as a point of reference in the area for disadvantaged people , unemployed and young people who want to increase their cultural knowledge and work skills, who can find relief and an opportunity to get out of their discomfort in the various facets of design and innovation. 


The association proposes itself as a meeting place, for aggregation and sharing in the name of cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of training, human and civil maturation and growth, the main activities carried out are social animation activities through meetings, workshops on innovative digital topics , advanced design and manufacturing 4.0.




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Cultural Association

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